Samsung Galaxy A Series Review

Samsung Galaxy A Series Review

Samsung A series are starter models and mid-range smartphones. The higher the number after the A, the better the device. A series smartphones with a number above 40 are mid-range models. With lower numbers, you have a starter model. Each year, Samsung releases new models where the numbers rise. For example, the Samsung A22 is the successor to the Samsung A21.


A series: plastic back
The Galaxy A smartphone generally have a plastic back. This way, these devices look less luxurious. The smartphones are more lightweight. The bezels are a bit thicker than those of the S and Z series.


A series: for basic or average use
Most Galaxy A smartphones are suitable for basic use. This can be using WhatsApp or your internet browser from time to time. Is the number after the A higher than 50? The device is suitable for average use. You can smoothly switch between apps like Instagram, YouTube, and light games like Candy Crush.


A series: less sharp
The options with Galaxy A smartphones are less extensive. They don’t have a telephoto lens to zoom in without quality loss. During the day, you can take nice photos and record nice videos, but the cameras have some difficulty in low light. In that case, you’ll see less details and colors. With A devices with a number lower than 50, you don’t have an optical image stabilization. This way, your photos are more blurry.

Battery and charging

A series: large battery, charge slower
Most devices form the Galaxy A series have a large battery that lasts longer than a day with average use. You can’t charge Samsung A smartphones wirelessly. Most Galaxy A devices support charging at 15W. It take 100 minutes to fully charge. Samsung A models with a number above 50 take about an hour to charge at 25W.

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